May 15, 2002

The streets of Georgetown (Penang, Malaysia)

Penang is one place I love going back to. I was in Taiping, a lovely little town near Penang. On the way back I spent half a day in Penang.

Reaching Penang on the ferry

The trishaw man. Georgetown, the city centre in Penang has a lot of these.

From the ferry terminus, you take the bus to Komtar” — the city centre.

The Caravan Cafe. Has the best tandoori and wi-fi too

Ginger — Tandoori set for US$ 1.50.

St. George’s Church

Love lane. There are many theories regarding the names. Some say this was the place where the sailors met their local lovers. Probably the better explanation is that this street is where the Shias used to assemble to inflict pain on themselves to remember and show their love for Ali (the son in law of the Prophet Mohammed) and his two sons — Hassan and Hussein.

A local bar

Goddess of Mercy temple.

Old Canon at Corvallis Fort.

The Seri Rembal Canon”. It was gifted by the dutch to the sultan of Johore. The Acehnese stole it and took it away. The British captured it from the Acehnese and brought it to Penang. Childless women pray to the canon. Seems placing flowers in the barrel helps one conceive.

Francis Light — The founder of Penang

Chulia Street, the Kao San of Penang. This is the best place to find cheap accommodation and air tickets.

Lovely Food?

More Chulia Street

And some nice Cafes

the lovely seafront

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