November 18, 2020

The little phone

I was fond of my iPhone 5s. I continued using it as as a travel phone even after I got a newer model. It felt nice holding it - little but solid. Along the way, I switched to a dual sim phone. I just didn’t have the heart to store the little phone in some dark drawer so I passed it on to an acquaintance who was having trouble with her phone.

Little Phone

A few days back, I was pleasantly surprised to receive a note from her. It read:

You would never know

How much I love your phone

How my phone has been supporting my life Etc

I think I need a book

To tell the world my story

At first I assumed that it is too little, how can it help me deal with my huge problems

But surprisingly it works

Thank you sir!

It has been a long hard year. Nice to receive such message.


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