January 5, 2005

The fortune teller, 3D nudes, and Fahrenheit 451 in Chengdu

This morning a fortune teller turned up at our street. He looks like a sage from the old days. And he has been busy all day.

Fortune teller

Went to a local fast food chain this morning, and read some chapters of Larry Lessig’s Free Culture. Thoughtfully, they offered a packet of spice for people who miss the chilli.


People browse through posters talking about road safety. Road accidents are common in China and have increased recently with more vehicles taking to the road. Such gruesome” public awareness exhibitions are common in China.


Found this copy of Fahrenheit 451 in Chinese at a bookshop in Chengdu. One may think that this book about censorship may be censored in China. But looks like they allowed it.

Fahrenheit 451

Wow!! pr0n!! nonono. This is an Stunning Chengdu Human Photography” exhibition I am planning to go to later. Apparently, this is the very first 3D nudes exhibition in the world. Chengdu is a city that takes the lead in breaking taboos. Oyu told me that the models are not professional but regular locals. I asked her what encouraged the women to bare it all. Nonchalantly, she replied a woman wants to remember her youthful body”.

3D Nudes

China Chengdu

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