November 12, 2019

Using Shortcut to make a link post

Shortcuts are great. Above is an example where I copy some text from an article and trigger a shortcut (from the share menu in Safari). The Shortcut creates a new blog post and posts the link and the text that I had copied earlier.

November 12, 2019

To make laziness work for you, put some effort into it | Aeon Ideas

But it could be that laziness is written into our genes. Our nomadic ancestors had to conserve energy to compete for scarce resources, flee predators and fight enemies. Expending effort on anything other than short-term advantage could jeopardise their very survival. In any case, in the absence of conveniences such as antibiotics, banks, roads or refrigeration, it made little sense to think long-term. Today, mere survival has fallen off the agenda, and it is long-term vision and commitment that lead to the best outcomes. Yet our instinct remains to conserve energy, making us averse to abstract projects with distant and uncertain payoffs.

Link: To make laziness work for you, put some effort into it | Aeon Ideas

November 1, 2019


I have not spent as time in Osaka compared to Tokyo. But somehow it still feels more like home.






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October 31, 2019

Scientists Now Know How Sleep Cleans Toxins From the Brain | WIRED

What she discovered was that during non-REM sleep, large, slow waves of cerebrospinal fluid were washing over the brain. The EEG readings helped show why. During non-REM sleep, neurons start to synchronize, turning on and off at the same time. First you would see this electrical wave where all the neurons would go quiet,” says Lewis. Because the neurons had all momentarily stopped firing, they didn’t need as much oxygen. That meant less blood would flow to the brain. But Lewis’s team also observed that cerebrospinal fluid would then rush in, filling in the space left behind.

Link: Scientists Now Know How Sleep Cleans Toxins From the Brain | WIRED

October 28, 2019

The opposite of addiction

Here is a drawing I made on plane while listening to a podcast.

Rat Park Experiment

The podcast talks about the Rat Park experiment that found that Environment Enrichment (a more connected and stimulated environment) in which a rat is can help reduce dependency on addictive substances.

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October 25, 2019

Team Based Learning in Phnom Penh

At our discussion about technology for teaching and learning at Phnom Penh Barcamp, I showed some activities that educators can build with simple stuff like online forms.

Everyone took a quiz that asked some questions about Jakarta. At the end they see the score but not the answers. Next they took the same quiz, but this time they took it as a group. This time we show the score and the answers. We had an increase in the correct responses.

The group discussions helps the students with the right answer convince others why their answer is correct. We also had a discussion on the promise of other emerging technologies such as education data and Artificial Intelligence and how much of it is hype versus reality.