February 22, 2020

More sleep and better learning

I have been arguing this for a long time.

Later school start times are associated with more sleep and better performance in high school students.


February 18, 2020

Tibetan stuff in Saigon

We were exploring some alleys and stumbled upon a shop run by a Vietnamese-Tibetan couple. They sell Incense and other religious goods from Tibet and Nepal. The kind owners offered us Tibetan tea. Reminded me of my time in Sichuan when I used to stay next to a Tibetan restaurant. https://ofgettinglost.blot.im/tibetan-food-in-chengdu

Tibetan shop in Saigon

Tibetan shop in Saigon

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February 2, 2020

Travel and love in the time of SARS

In early 2003, I spend some time in China travelling by trains in Guangdong and Hunan provinces. Trains were where you met interesting people - students, business folks, retired people with interesting stories from the 1960s and 70s, bored train security officers. Almost everyone was learning English, and they were keen to talk to me. Often people alighting at a station before mine would leave their fruits and snacks for me as a farewell gift.

In Changsha, I visited the school where Mao studied. The students, mostly teacher trainees, showed me around the campus. Almost every corner had a commemorative plaque that celebrated Mao. One talked about how Mao organised discussions on current affairs. Another one, near a well, praised the stoicism of Mao by informing us how he took cold water baths. The students were proud that they studied in such a prestigious school. I asked them I am sure Chairman Mao was a naughty kid. Is there a notice somewhere here that says - Chairman Mao was punished here?”. The students replied in unison Chairman Mao was a good boy”.

I only realised something was wrong in China when I flew from Guangzhou back to Bangkok. Our plane was made to wait for a long time before connecting to the embarkation gate. Once we alighted, they started checking everyone’s temperature. In Thailand, the papers were talking about SARS. Slowly news started trickling out of China. One of the students I met in the train messaged me that her roommates had thrown her out as she was from a town that had a high number of infections. There were a few months of chaos. But by the time I went to China in September that year, everything had turned normal. It was back to happy people waiting for me to share their stories.

In Guangzhou in 2003

February 1, 2020

The union


Something I learnt early on in my life was never to trust someone who promise to do good to our” people” by doing bad to them people”.

January 18, 2020

A nest of spies and such

The Rex was where the journalists, the spies and such people used to meet during the war years. Now lovers find happiness outside.

Another new place that brings nostalgia is the new premises of Brodard bakery. Suddenly you are transported to the 1970s.

January 2, 2020

A return to Shanghai

Back in Shanghai after 16 years.

I didn’t get a chance to spend a lot of time out and about, but I managed to go to a bookshop to see what people are reading. I felt that the selection was tamer compared to what I used to see in bookstores about a decade back. The only trouble with coming back to China is that now I realise how much I missed China after defecting to Taiwan. Suddenly, I am borrowing library books on China, I am subscribing to China related podcasts. I want to go back to my West (Sichuan) and the North East.

The bug these days is that the visa is around 100 USD and it is only single entry. They are also far stricter about where you stay - no more wild adventures.

I sometimes think that all places have a certain time where they kind of exist in a twilight zone - you can steal a little bit of chaos and there is some optimism (we think that the things will keep tending towards less rigidity). I think in China that time was the late 1990s and 2000s. Surely, China is more affluent now and I have no doubt, most people have a higher quality of life. It is just that the selfish me wishes for China of that time. It was my China.

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