August 9, 2002

Endless party

Friday, August 8. I am in Kuala Lumpur airport, trying to take a flight to Kota Bharu, up north near the Thai border. The plan is to reach there by nine pm and then cross the border for green curry dinner. Alas, there are no more tickets to my destination. The person at the Malaysian airlines counter asks

You are on vacation here?” Yes” Do you have to go to Kota Bharu?” Not really.” Would you like to go to Kuching instead? There is a plane leaving in an hour.” Hmm… Kuching, I always wanted to go there, Kuching is the capital of Sarawak, on the island of Borneo. Yes sir, Give me a ticket to Kuching.” Three hours later, I am in Kuching. It is past midnight, but the riverfront is crowded. I befriend a bunch of locals who invite me to a place they are partying at. Someone passes me a drink. Multiple attempts at paying for the beer are declined. Before I notice it is 4 AM, the DJ has made several attempts to escape. The crowd pushes him back. Eventually, he sneaks out. Reluctantly, people start leaving. I ask some kids if they were sad that the party ended. They reply Well..we will be back in a couple of hours. We can’t stay at home. It is a Saturday after all”.

Kuching, the cat city The cat city, Kuching means cat in Malay.

Kuching, the cat city


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