Caravanserai, the travel and culture meet

In the days of old, on the Silk Route as the sun came down, the caravans heading in different directions stopped for the night. The resting place was a Carvanserai. Huddled around the fire, we would tell stories from our homes and our travels. Next morning we would head our different ways but the stories would remain in our mind leading us to plot future trips.

A crumbling section of the great wall, Inner Mongolia.


Wednesday 12 August. 10 PM Tokyo, 9 PM Hong Kong/Singapore, 8 PM Saigon/Bangkok.

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Crossing borders is sometimes trivial (any border within the EU), or sometimes time travel (Kirghiz- China border) or in some cases an exercise in bladder control (Singapore-Malaysia border on a weekend). Sometimes you meet gents carrying suitcases of money (former Macau-China border) or nostalgic people hoping to connect with long lost childhood places (Pakistan-India border). Borders can be tedious or exhilarating but they are never dull. Join us and share your stories of border crossings and border towns.

Unseen Hong Kong and finding South East Asia in Taiwan

Wednesday 26 August, 8:30 PM Tokyo, 7:30 PM Singapore/Hong Kong, 6:30 PM Bangkok/Saigon

We invite you to share your photos of Hong Kong and Taiwan and tell us about what attracts you these places.

Hong Kong may be a rare large city where within thirty minutes one can travel from the bustling business district to a quiet village. We will have a guest who will share her love of hiking in Hong Kong’s outlying islands. Did you know that Taipei has a Burmese town? We will do a virtual tour of this neighbourhoods in Taiwan.

This meet is hosted by Singapore’s National Library. Send me an email and I will send the meeting link to you.

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