Caravanserai, the travel and culture meet

In the days of old, on the Silk Route, as the sun came down, the caravans heading in all directions stopped for the night. The resting place was called a Caravanserai. Huddled around the fire, strangers come together to tell stories from their travels. Ours is the same but on Zoom.

A crumbling section of the great wall, Inner Mongolia.

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Why we love museums, January 27, 2021, 7:30 PM HKT/SGT (UTC+8)

NOTE: The National Library of Singapore (NLB) is hosting this online meetup. Here is the registration link (The registration requires a Singapore Library ID. If you do not have the ID or if you are from outside Singapore, email me for a guest link.)

Do you love visiting museums? What is your favourite museum? What was the most whimsical museum you ever visited? Join us to explore museums from all over the world — from those in art capitals hosting priceless paintings to the small neighbourhood ones showcasing local quirks such as The Cup Noodle Museum in Yokohama.

Our guest Sue is a museum lover who will share her museum stories from Asia and Europe. We welcome you to share your museum experiences.

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