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In the days of old, on the Silk Route, as the sun came down, the caravans heading in all directions stopped for the night. The resting place was called a Caravanserai. Huddled around the fire, strangers become friends and tell stories from their travels. Ours is the same but on Zoom.

A crumbling section of the great wall, Inner Mongolia.

Airports and aeroplanes

Soviet Airlines

Wednesday 9 September, 10 PM Tokyo, 9 PM Singapore/Hong Kong/Taipei, 8 PM Bangkok/Saigon/Phnom Penh/ Jakarta

Who are the memorable people you met on your flights? Do you have any fun airport stories? What is your favourite or least favourite airport? What is the scariest flight that you experienced?

Join us and share your stories of aeroplanes and airports.

Join via Zoom: Password is the name of the official airlines (all lowercase) of the former Soviet Union.

Shan state and Ha Giang

Wednesday 23 September, 8:30 PM Tokyo, 7:30 PM Singapore/Hong Kong/Taipei, 6:30 PM Bangkok/Saigon/Phnom Penh/ Jakarta

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