March 23, 2014

Bandhobi, a movie about an unlikely friendship

There is a 2009 Korean movie called Bandhobi. It is the story of an unlikely friendship between a Korean teenager and a Bangladeshi immigrant worker. The reason I like this movie is that I can identify with the characters. The girl, when she misses her Bangladeshi friend, goes by herself to a South Asian restaurant, and to the surprise of the staff, orders several dishes and proceeds to eat them like a native.




Here is a small clip

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Today, when I spotted a Family Mart in Saigon, I walked into it. I bought Oden — a Japanese winter dish containing radish, fish cakes, boiled eggs. These are usually skewered on a stick and dipped in a spicy soy-based broth. Eating Oden takes me back to those freezing days in Japan. On our way walking from the train station to some place, we would always stop by a Family Mart. The hot oden is always a welcome respite.

Family Mart in Vietnam

Often in random cities, you will find me at a random ethnic food place — a Korean place in Phnom Penh, a Vietnamese cafe in Taichung, a Russian restaurant in Bangkok or a Sichuan place in Manila. More than a craving for a particular food, I think I end up in these places because I am missing the people or the conversations from that country.

Movie Food Korea

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