The art of getting lost

The food In Chengdu

I had come to Chengdu via Bangkok for a reason. While at Bangkok, I had generously indulged in the green curry and the red curry. People had warned me about the fiery Sichuan Huoguo (hotpot). Fully confident I dipped into the huoguo. It was redder than the red curry in Thailand, and fiery it was. Here you see my equally spicy Sichuan friend Luomin at ease with the HuoGuo.


There is a new Indian restaurant in Chengdu called Tandoor. We visited this place one evening, The brochure advertised dance performance and showed a picture of two girls performing a traditional dance. Scam!! we got a northern girl imitating bollywood steps. Five more minutes and the little renmin Luomin would have also done it. The restaurant was nice though and they had the Kingfisher beer.