The art of getting lost

The fans

If you were near the airport in Saigon last night, you might have heard two sets of teenage shrieks. The second, louder and the longer one was for some Korean band. Let me unravel the mystery of the first one. As I finished immigration and coming down the escalator, I saw the viewing area of the airport jam-packed with hundreds of teenagers. One look at them and you could tell that they were waiting for a band landing soon. It was a party atmosphere. I figured it would be good to put them through some warm-up exercise. So I waved at them and did my best celebrity impersonation - blowing kisses et all.The kids at the front were stunned for a moment, but it didn't take long them to reciprocate. Soon enough the whole crowd went wild screaming and waving the flags and banners. I was in half minds to do some Kpop dance steps, but that might have been too much for the stern looking airport security and would have surely made me a YouTube meme. You can travel half the world, but there is no point if you can’t make some little girls smile.

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