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Conditions for my home

I am often asked, why I have so many homes? Well, my conditions for accepting a place as home are very simple. As long I can get free food, and if my phone remembers the wifi password, I am home. One additional condition is the presence of a library or a second hand book shop. One such place is my hideout in Phrom Phong. 

Today's readings - a book on the history of Assam published In the 1930s and a book of Vietnamese legends. Now I know that when I see a beautiful girl, I should remark "she is probably from the land of bliss" 

And do you know that my neighbourhood houses a North Korean restaurant. Many years back, there used to be one in another neighbourhood, went out of business around 2007. We used to go there and talk to the staff - girls who used to sing and dance, and spoke good Chinese. Still remember the song "내이름 묻지 마세요"